Powerbreather vs. POWERbreathe – What is the difference?

Recently we have been asked more often about a product called “POWERbreathe”, which is very similar to our swimming snorkel, the Powerbreather. 

To avoid confusion in the future, we decided to publish this article to clear up any ambiguities with our customers.

In short: The POWERbreath is, like the Powerbreather, a possible aid for athletes. We emphasize that it has nothing to do with our company. The very similar product names are pure coincidence and not intended. Nevertheless we want to give you a short overview of what the POWERbreathe is all about.

How POWERbreathe works

POWERbreathe devices are similar to commercially available inhalers, for example for asthma patients, but they function purely mechanically. Their sole purpose is to train the breathing technique and breathing muscles. The device is mainly used in a resting position, i.e. without the simultaneous practice of a sport. 

Different intensities can be set to reduce or increase the breathing resistance during use.

According to the manufacturer, the device can also be used to reduce the production of lactate in the body immediately after exercise. Lactate is a substance that is released during high physical exertion and is responsible, among other things, for the development of sore muscles. The production of this endogenous substance should be avoided or at least weakened with the help of POWERbreathe. In general, the device should improve the lung function and thus the performance during sports when used regularly. 

POWERbreathe is used by people whose respiratory function is impaired or limited by diseases such as asthma or COPD. The device, when used regularly, is intended to help the lungs to restore and maintain their natural function. It is also intended to help certain occupational groups who have to wear certain protective equipment that makes breathing difficult (for example, rescue workers and firefighters) to train their lungs.

Is the Powerbreather an alternative to the POWERbreath when training the breathing technique and breathing muscles?

This question can be answered clearly with yes, with the advantage that one can swim with the Powerbreather at the same time and thus train the breathing technique and respiratory musculature under load. I.e. by swimming the training effect for the respiratory muscles and the breathing technique (complete abdominal breathing) is increased many times compared to the use of the POWERbreathe.

The Powerbreather is a sports and training device for hobby athletes and professional athletes, which is used to improve the performance of the swimming training as well as to optimize the crawl and chest swimming technique. Additionally the Powerbreather can be used for snorkeling in the sea or other waters. Here the special advantage is that the inhalation and exhalation are completely separated, so that the inhalation of the health-endangering CO2 of the breathing air is prevented, as with the conventional snorkel. Besides its main function – the simplified breathing under water – the Powerbreather can also be used to train the correct breathing technique as well as the breathing muscles. Both aspects can be specifically optimized during swimming by using different breathing resistances. These functions are especially interesting for professional athletes who are preparing for the next competition 

The basis for top performance is a correct breathing technique and optimally trained breathing muscles – this applies to every sport. In comparison to POWERbreath, the training of the breathing technique and respiratory muscles takes place in connection with a sports load. Swimming here has an additional positive effect on the athlete’s cardiovascular system.

The common denominator between the POWERbreathe and the Powerbreather is therefore the training of the breathing technique and the breathing musculature, for which in both cases different breathing resistances are available for the user. If you want to strengthen your breathing for medical reasons or to increase your athletic performance, you can use both products. The additional advantage of the Powerbreather is its use as a swimming aid for training the crawl or breaststroke technique.


As has now become clear, POWERbreathe and Powerbreather are two completely different products. While the POWERbreathe focuses on the training of the respiratory functions, the Powerbreather clearly focuses on the sportive aspect of the training of the respiratory muscles by swimming and snorkeling – and the health benefits that can be achieved by this.

For athletes and recreational swimmers who either practice swimming as a competitive discipline (e.g. triathletes) or use it as a balancing sport (such as footballers, cyclists, runners or skiers) the Powerbreather is the clear sales recommendation! Here both aspects – swimming training as well as respiratory technique / respiratory musculature training – are combined. 

The Powerbreather is also recommended for patients with asthma or COPD – we receive many thank-you letters from people with respiratory restrictions, who confirm that their condition improves greatly when using the Powerbreather regularly while swimming.

For people who have no relation to swimming, but still want to train their respiratory functions, the Powerbreather is clearly recommended. 

If you are interested in testing a powerbreather to find out which sportive and health benefits swimming with the powerbreather can have, please visit our store. You can test our floating snorkel for 90 days in a relaxed way – 0% risk and 100% fun!