Athletes & Triathletes

Tomorrow’s training starts today!

Push yourself, focus on your technique, and strengthen your endurance without turning your head or fighting for air. The Powerbreather offers new Opportunities for improving strength, endurance, lung function and technique. 

The Powerbreather LAP and WAVE editions have both been developed to work during quick flip-turns in the pool. The Powerbreather can also be used with different levels of breathing resistance. You can set new respiratory training levels with oxygen balance and increase your endurance capacity. Giving you variety during preparation and best times during competitions.

By changing between the different resistance level SPEED VENTS, resistance and air volume are increased or decreased. There are three levels of resistance: easy, medium and power. You can specifically train your breathing technique, strengthen respiratory muscles and gain additional training parameters by reducing oxygen availability. So start setting new goals, and keep reaching them.


The Powerbreather is highly suited to the “continuous training method” popular in triathlon training. You can easily swim at a set intensity throughout your training session. If swimming is not your favourite discipline, training with the Powerbreather will change that.

With the Powerbreathers FRESH AIR SYSTEM, triathletes can train swimming endurance at the pool or in open water. You can swim further with a Powerbreather, increasing the distance of your endurance session.